We have reached an agreement with PCMIRA Group, for the sales of SIODROID applications.
PCMIRA Group, formed by the companies PCMIRA, S.L. and ECR & POS, S.L., was selling SIOGES different applications since its launch in 2010, both in Spain and in other countries in the European Union and North of Africa. By adding SIODROID to the agreement, we afford the natural evolution to a wider market, where the Tablets as Mobile solutions and several low cost Android POS Systems will create a new segment.
PCMIRA Group, is offering the 5", 7" & 10" SAMSUNG Galaxy Tablets range . Also in a very short time, will offer 6" Tablets for being used as Ordering Systems and 9.7" for being used as E-Menu and as POS Terminal.
PCMIRA Group, will have before the end of 2012, 2 Android POS Systems.
PCMIRA Group, has collaborated significantly in the development of SIODROID software bringing their knowledge and more than 15 years of experience in the Hospitality and Retail markets.
Also, PCMIRA Group, is reaching agreements with Android POS Manufacturers, in order to sell SIODROID through their worldwide network.

15" ECO-PLUS Android Terminal. Click image for more information.

10.4" DYNAMIC-POS Android Terminal. Click image for more information.