SIODROID. Editions


SIODROID/pos is a new software product, aimed at point of sale, ease of use.


A new way to improve and optimize the service restoration. It is a new concept called SIODROID/pad and change the vision of the owners, managers, and waiters in restaurants, by harnessing the power of Android.

The catering sector now has a portable tool for taking orders directly on the table, and can get instant recommendations of its clients to help increase sales and transmit orders directly to the kitchen, and whose economic costs are significantly less than traditional hand held terminals.


SIODROID/menu is an interactive card, designed specifically for the catering industry. SIODROID/menu uses an Android tablet to replace the traditional paper card, allowing the restaurant manager save paper, time in the design and modification of his letters, and in turn offers its customers a modern image, and detailed information at both texts and images of their menu of products.