SIODROID/menu specifications

What is SIODROID/menu?

SIODROID/menu is an easy and intuitive digital menu, allowing the restaurant easily change their menu, displays pictures, prices and detailed information about each dish, and send orders directly to the kitchen for processing, and the ticket to the POS for later collection.

Choosing the right wine for dishes chosen, never been so easy, all thanks to SIODROID/menu.


Although it may seem sophisticated and complicated, nothing is further from reality, does not require any knowledge of computing, for launching SIODROID/menu.

For your customers, SIODROID/menu not only be easy to use, but also fun

SIODROID/menu is a culinary experience for their customers, and reduced costs and increased revenue for your restaurant business.
Still not convinced? Download a free demo version of SIODROID/menu and see for yourself.

Simple administration

The initial setup of your SIODROID/menu, or changes in your letter are very simple thanks to the Back Office.

Just go in and make changes, and automatically synchronize their Android tablets

SIODROID/menu allows by identifying the waiter to change at any time the table assigned to the tablet, thus, can be used in different tables at once, each time we assign the table, retrieves the order is at issue and may add more products.

An experience for your customers

SIODROID/menu does not only provide a unique and fun to its customers, but enhance your dining experience.

SIODROID/menu in addition to being able to provide more information than a traditional paper chart, about the dishes, customers can even place orders using interactive technology, this feature also to improve service, reduce costs for business and quite an experience for your customer.

Customization and extension

SIODROID/menu can be customized with the logo of your restaurant and diverse backgrounds, making it a unique product for your business.

SIODROID/menu is also designed to grow with you, simply purchase additional licenses as needed, and it is fully linked to SIOGES or SIODROID/pad.

Advertising and promotions

With SIODROID/menu has the option to advertise trademarks or product promotions that you want to emphasize, by loading pop ups on foot of a letter.

Can you imagine that trademarks be paid extra money for your logo appears on your SIODROID/menu?
Can you imagine those products highlight of your letter in a striking and suggestive for its customers?
It is now possible with SIODROID/menu

Integration with POS

SIODROID/menu is designed is designed to reduce and optimize the service time of their employees, and avoid mistakes.

SIODROID/menu is fully bonded with SIOGES Software (POS) and SIODROID/pos and SIODROID/pad and so cover all your business needs.

And also facilitate easy integration of SIODROID/menu with any point of sale, thanks to the development tools that we offer companies that want to link it with their systems.


SIODROID/menu is a real Android application designed and developed to operate wirelessly as a native application on a mobile system. Back office with a Windows environment or with a Android environment, SIODROID/menu offers a unique service-oriented architecture designed so you can add new workstations easy for the system to grow as you grow.

What you need:

  1. A wireless network access.
  2. Tablet Android version 2.2 or higher
  3. Production printers (for sending orders to kitchen and bar)
  4. A Android POS SIODROID/pos or Windows POS SIOGES/server software installed.