SIODROID/pad specifications

A new way to improve and optimize the service restoration. It is a new concept called SIODROID/pad and change the vision of the owners, managers, and waiters in restaurants, by harnessing the power of Android.

The catering sector now has a portable tool for taking orders directly on the table, and can get instant recommendations of its clients to help increase sales and transmit orders directly to the kitchen, and whose economic costs are significantly less than traditional hand held terminals.

The recipe for the success of the restaurant

What do you get when streaming software developers point of sale, by entrepreneurs, knowledge and experience from his years of work in your restaurant? You get a completely new software, a product intuitive and powerful, able to improve its restaurant services, software more productive, more profitable and more successful than ever.

SIODROID/pad is a new system you command that works independently of the POS. There is no learning curve. You no longer have to worry about training your staff, simply open the application and follow step by step and intuitive functions. SIODROID/pad has multiple features, easy to use and completely wireless.

Totally wireless

It is not only to carry a handset point of sale to the table to take orders. It is to please customers by offering better service. It's about educating your staff and be consistent. Imagine a POS system that is able to offer suggestions. An easy to use software that can handle tables, managing menus, multiple rates, customer loyalty, and send orders to kitchen for processing, all wirelessly.

In the end it comes to serving in a professional manner to customers, and a high degree of satisfaction. REPEATED A SATISFIED CUSTOMER.

ANDROID an innovative and full of possibilities

Why Android? Because it is a novel system, a complete success in mobile environments, and allows by its nature a great power in application development, that together with the low cost of hardware, lets give our customers a complete point of sale too below market cost in other environments.

System requirements:

SIODROID/pad is a real Android application designed and developed to operate wirelessly as a native application on a mobile system. Back office with a Windows environment or with a Android environment, SIODROID/pad offers a unique service-oriented architecture designed so you can add new workstations easy for the system to grow as you grow.

What you need:

  1. A wireless network Wireless
  2. An Android tablet version 2.2 or higher
  3. Production printers (for sending orders to kitchen and bar)


SIODROID/pad provides a mobile system for restaurants and offers a toolkit restorative unique mobile experience that is easy to use, reliable and affordable. MOBILE system should help your restaurant grow and make it more profitable. SIODROID / pad introduces a POS solution that optimizes your business.

  • Allows you to operate more agile and efficient.
  • Allows an easy, reliable and fit a Android platform, a wireless platform renowned worldwide.
  • You can forget about the high investments of similar solutions in other settings.
  • You can forget about maintenance abusive of other solutions.
  • Reduce the amount of time it takes to complete transactions, allowing you to spend more time on income generating activities.
  • Improve the monitoring of its clients, may launch a loyalty with special rates.
  • Improve customer service, the sales transactions at high speed.
  • It shows all the time what you are selling, full details of the ticket, etc.
  • Allows you to be anywhere at any time and can easily manage their operations.
  • Allows you to optimize the time of his waiters, and to avoid possible errors.
  • Allows you to receive in the kitchen or bar preparation products.

Here are some questions you should ask:

Do I have to pay a high cost for the service and technical support?
Am I happy with my current technology and is helping to monetize and promote my business? I have a large investment to be amortized? Am I happy with how I'm spending my time when I'm working?
With my current software, I can provide excellent customer service?
Am I satisfied with the benefits that I am creating with my current level of sales? How do I know who my customers are and what they want?
I want to increase the satisfaction of my clients, offering a service that allows them to feel special?

How I can know what is the point of sale system I need?

First, it is necessary to evaluate your business. What you want in a computer system?

Specific questions can help you clarify what you need:
Is the main objetico taking orders and shipping to production?
Who will use the system?
Do you and your employees want to use the system easily?
How many comanderos need?
How many production printers need?

All these are questions that must be thought out and discussed with your software vendor. What kind of budget you have for this type of purchase? Does the infrastructure needed to run the system?

Your answers to these questions will help determine the type of system you need, and if the end result is you need a system that can run yourself and that does not require a room full of computer, then the application you need is SIODROID/pad.

SIODROID/pad, integration with POS

SIODROID/pad is designed to reduce and optimize the service time of their employees, and avoid mistakes.

SIODROID/pad is fully bonded with other SIODROID solutions and SIOGES Software (POS) and so cover all your business needs.

And also facilitate easy integration of SIODROID/pad with any point of sale, thanks to the development tools that we offer companies that want to link it with their systems.