SIOGES/pro specifications

The SIOGES/pro initial setup process, will allow you in a very easy way, to enter all the main data for being able to start selling and printing receipts.

By following the configuration Wizard, you will setup:

  • Language interface
  • Business Model (restaurant, fashion shop, retail)
  • System Date & Time
  • Taxes
  • Types of prices
  • Currencies (euros, US dólar, pounds, etc.)
  • Installed peripherals (printer, customer display, etc.)
  • Fiscal data of the business (name, address, etc.)
  • Tender media (cash, credit card, etc.)
  • Users
  • Item Families and Items
  • Sales Screen products order


  • Business model selection to match the best with yours (restaurant, cafeteria, fashion, retail).
  • The taxes are already setup.
  • Wizard for a quick Taxes type adjustment.
  • Company Data & Receipt messages settings.
  • Users creation.
  • Users permissions assignment.
  • Sales Items selection.
  • Prices introduction.
  • Several Sales & Purchases tariffs.
  • Customers maintenance that allows to assign a special tariff and/or discount to each customer.
  • Suppliers maintenance that allows to assign a purchase tariff and a discount per supplier.
  • Quick tariff change.
  • Tariff management operations:
    • Tariff duplication.
    • Tariff increment by percentage.
    • Quick tariff reasignment.
  • Items with differentiations (size, colour, etc.).

  • Consumer areas maintenance with tables per area.
  • Floor plan customization.
  • Tariff assignment by consumer area (bar, tables, terrace, etc.).
  • Wizard for a quick tables assignment on consumer areas.
  • Files maintenances listing and printing.
  • Files maintenances exporting to EXCEL & PDF files.



  • Favourites Family: Allows you to add & eliminate Items as favourites on Sales screen.
  • Items sorting on sales screen: manually, alphabetically or by sales success.
  • Receipts on Hold in order to manage queues, tables, bars.
  • Different sales Tariffs.
  • Open price on the sale.
  • Price changes and Discount operations.
  • Several Users with different permissions.
  • Receipts management.
  • Receipt assignment to Customers.
  • Product name change during the sale.
  • Receipt Split.



  • Purchases: reposition proposal since last purchase.
  • Purchase order generation from reposition proposal.
  • Purchase order management.
  • Purchase delivery notes management.
  • Inventory introduction.
  • Current stock list.
  • Stock movements list.


  • Daily Paid & Cash income amounts control.
  • Customers payment registration.
  • Daily Z report.


  • Data filter by Dates.
  • Receipt statistics: number of sales, amount & average.
  • Monthly Sales data.
  • Sales details: Items & Users sales.
  • Tender Media sales.
  • Tax types sales (taxes to declare).
  • Z Report printing.
  • Sales comparision by years.

  • Sales comparision by months.
  • Margin among tariffs report.
  • Profit report.
  • Statistics can be printed, exported to EXCEL & exported to PDF.


  • Multi language.
  • Allow scale and barcode reader.
  • Backup copies.
  • Electronic Journal printing.
  • Customer Debts report.
  • EXCEL & PDF export data.
  • Families, Items & Tariffs data import on EXCEL format.
  • Version update from ONE to PRO on a very easy way.