SIOGES Version 2.8 r491

Whats new in SIOGES 2.8 r491 (Published Oct 31, 2013)

  • Improved management of Databases
  • Improved general performance
  • Less memory consumption
  • New user permission: To allow or not modifying the entered receipt lines
  • New Item's property, to allow or not selling them without stock
  • Printing in CHINESE language
  • New statistic: Cancelled Receipts
  • New statistic: Receipt cancelled lines
  • IN STORE MARKING barcode reading:
  • Barcodes containing the item number and the price or weight
  • New barcode type on coupons printing: CODE39
  • Barcode printing on gift receipts
  • Improved timeout when Serial receipt printer is not connected
  • New installer which automatically open the needed Firewall ports
  • Correction on french language keyboard for passwords entry
  • Solved problems when sharing COUPONS on a Network with SIODROID
  • Improved printing formats
  • Improved translations
  • Now SIOGES, when connected to Internet, every time you will run it, will check if there is any available update and will ask the user to Download and Install it

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