SIOGES Version 2.9.9 r800

Whats new in SIOGES 2.9 r800 (Published Apr 29, 2016)

  • Every SIOGES license includes an updates service, which is free for one year after its first installation. It is optional to contract a yearly updates service.
    All licenses on monthly subscription payment, includes the updates service.
  • New regions:
    • Saudi Arabia.
  • New & improved languages:
    • Arabic.
    • German.
  • Improved the receipt printing on non-latin languages (Arabic, Turkish, Hebrew).
  • New control for Users: Enter / Exit, First / Last sale in the day.
  • New Z report printing system with automated closing at a fixed time. The new system allows to group the sales made after midnight on the same working day.
  • The Z report now prints by separate a General Report and a detailed User's Report.
  • X Report printing.
  • Training User sales can be included on the X or Z reports (optional).
  • The Z report can be sent daily by e-mail to all the set recipients.
  • Together with the Z report, a group of graphical Sales statistics, weekly & monthly sales comparisons are sent by e-mail.
  • Printing formats have been improved.
  • Better receipt preview on screen.
  • Improved the use of RFID devices for Users & Customers identification.
  • Less memory consumption on SIOGES.
  • The Discounts printing on Receipt has been improved.
  • On X & Z Reports, now we get the statistical information related to the Discounts in general and in particular for each User.
  • Improved the receipt printing on 57mm/2”.
  • On Kitchen Receipts, it is printed the name assigned to the parked receipt.
  • When printing on Kitchen Printer, it is possible to activate a beeper connected to that printer.
  • New printing formats specific for Belgium & USA.
  • Printing of customer’s phone number, when a customer is assigned to the receipt on USA region.
  • Added a control on times used the Open Cash Drawer button. Printed on X & Z Reports.
  • The taxes calculation and roundings on receipt have been improved.
  • Improved use on Windows 10.

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